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About HCG System

Beth Golden


Educator, Formulator, Public Speaker

Beth Golden is a nationally recognized educator, product formulator, and public speaker specializing in the areas of weight loss with HCG, natural health and total-body wellness. As a successful business owner and educator for more than a decade, she has been helping professionals improve their Wellness Businesses through innovative products and Golden Business Systems®. She currently is the only Naturopathic Doctor in the US who has formulated a complete HCG Weight Loss System based on clinical trials in more than 80 locations throughout the US and Canada and offers the only HCG Diet Council approved HCG Weightloss Coach Certification program.

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Confused by all the Conflicting information about HCG?

"I was, too! . . . That’s why I have spent years studying about Dr. Simeons and his use of hCG for weight loss, as well as developing and clinically testing my own HCG Diet formulations." - Beth Golden

After spending nearly 20 years in sales and marketing and more than 8 years as a Naturopath who owned operated a multi-faceted wellness center in Florida, Beth Golden began focusing her practice on hCG weight loss. In 2007, following initial patient use of hCG via injection and oral prescription, she tested 9 delivery systems of hCG in her efforts to formulate a prescription-free hCG weight loss product. "Seeing the value of hCG for extraordinary weight loss results, I wanted something that we, as Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Nutritionists could use that didn't require a prescription." Since then, she has formulated and brought to market the HCG Weightloss System which includes X-3Lean®, containing both homeopathic hCG and Leptin, and 6 other key ingredients; the HCG MAX® Diet Plan containing over 70 key ingredients; Sta-Lean®, the only AFTER the HCG Diet maintenance product on the market; and included in both The System and the Plan; and Golden Essence® HCG Diet Skincare, the only HCG Diet approved oil-free, paraben-free skin care system.

Beth's products, HCG Weight Loss Coach Certification programs and Business Building System were developed from research with actual clinical results in over 80 locations throughout US and Canada. She is currently the national educator for HCG Diets to clinical professionals; on the advisory board of the HCG Diet Council; a member in good standing of the FCA; and continues to focus on creating and formulating successful weight loss programs. She also strives to enlighten professionals and the general public on effective solutions to reducing adult and childhood obesity.

Interview: Beth Golden, PhD

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