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Are you suffering from chronic fatigue, debilitating pain, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, fibroids, peri-menopause, menopause, allergies, headaches, bloating, arthritis?  Do you feel sluggish and out of sorts? 

If you answered yes to any of the above a detox could make a BIG difference in YOUR life.

What is detoxification?  An effective detoxification program is designed to help the body effectively move toxins out of the body by not only releasing toxins from the stored areas, but by also successfully supporting the body in its efforts to remove the toxins through its eliminative channels. The items included in our detoxification kit successfully support the routes of elimination such as bowels, lungs, kidneys and skin. Without the right kind of plan, stirred up toxins can eventually settle back into the body almost like stirring up sludge in a bucket and allowing it to settle back to the bottom.

Most people are exposed to about 6500 man made chemicals daily and consume about 4 pounds of pesticides a year of genetically modified (GMO) food.

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It’s no wonder that more and more people are suffering from “diseases” such as chronic fatigue; debilitating pain; high blood pressure; heart attacks; fibromyalgia; fibroids; and a myriad of other health problems including severe menopause symptoms; allergic symptoms ranging from skin rashes, intestinal symptoms, arthritis, headaches, and on and on. Even taking a warm shower or lounging in a bath tub filled with chlorinated water could be considered a major health hazard since a person can absorb and inhale more chlorine in a 10-minute shower than by drinking eight glasses of the same water. Many areas of the US now add ammonia to the already chlorinated water, which makes water even more toxic.

When I first started researching toxins, illnesses, diseases and cancer statistics, I discovered that in 1928, 1 out of every 9 people in the United States died of cancer, but by 1999, it was 1 out of every 3, and in 2010 it is closer to 1 out of 2 people! Many believe that this increase can be attributed to dangerous toxins and heavy metals (mainly lead, cadmium and mercury), many of which are in our food and water. This not only creates excess free radicals in the body but they, unfortunately, can accumulate and cannot be degraded or destroyed from the body. They get concentrated in the liver, kidneys; brain, skeleton and then store primarily in the fatty tissue and can remain stored in the body for decades.

Since most people have no idea how severely toxic they are until they begin developing ‘ailments’ and symptoms, an effective, deep tissue cleanse can be a very tricky process to keep from preventing what is called a ‘healing crisis’.  Extreme cleansing techniques such as only water and juice help shed some of the toxins, but due to an already overburdened elimination system, people usually experience headaches, rashes, dizziness, and electrolyte imbalance, just to name few. They don’t realize their inadequate processing systems can’t eliminate stored toxins very well and they end up re-absorbing the stirred-up debris, as I mentioned before.

With all that said, the body is an amazing phenomenon in the way it is designed to neutralize metabolic products and toxic compounds into safe by-products for elimination through sweat, urine and stools. However, in this current, fastpaced world of toxins and ‘conveniences’, such as highly preserved packaged foods and additional radiation exposure through our modern day electronics, many have lost the ability to cleanse properly and can’t efficiently keep up with the toxic demand.

Having had first hand challenges with my own health as a result of stress and a compromised detoxification system, and in consulting over 4000 clients for more than a decade, I can personally attest that I believe the root of all “disease”, illnesses, hormonal imbalances and weight problems stem from, in some fashion, the emotional stress of life coupled with the toxic stress of our environment.

I believe the key to recovery and good health lies in:

  1. educating ourselves about our health;
  2. the reduction and elimination of as many of these stresses as possible;
  3. an effective rebuilding program through proper guidance;
  4. embracing an effective maintenance plan thereafter!

May your journey to optimum Health be as exciting, educational and life transforming as it can be!

Food Sensitivities

The underlying cause of intestinal inflammation and immune dysregulation can often be caused by certain foods that people may have difficultly digesting or to which they have a sensitivity or allergy. In fact, over 50% of the immune system is located in and around the GI tract (gut). Therefore, when the GI immune system is affected by food allergens or intolerances, the systemic immune system is also impacted. In turn, chemical messengers of alarm and inflammation are released by the GI–associated immune system that enter the blood stream and can have an effect upon other organs and systems in the body.

For example, drinking milk, in susceptible individuals, may trigger the gastrointestinal immune system to release molecules that travel through the blood stream and affect the brain causing disturbances such as changes in mood and cognitive performance. The inflammation created by these sensitivities further triggers the adrenal glands to produce cortisol which, in turn, triggers excess insulin. Excess insulin that can’t be utilized, stores as fat; excess stored fat can eventually cause adverse estrogens that often times contribute to cancer.

Eating allergy producing foods will trigger inflammatory reactions, add to your toxic burden, and interfere with proper elimination of toxins. Eat fresh whole foods, those foods that most resemble their form in nature. For example, people should consume whole fruits and vegetables with skins, instead of juices, when possible, because fruit / vegetable juices are missing the natural fiber. Consider eating whole grain products, such as brown rice instead of refined white rice. Also, try to eat organic produce and organic or free range animal products whenever possible. Stay away from foods laden with pesticides and herbicides!

Many people find it extremely valuable to complete the saliva test for the four (4) most common intestinal allergens which are: soy, gluten, albumin (egg whites), and dairy. Depending on the severity of the sensitivity, eliminating these foods for a specified period of time, or sometimes altogether, helps decrease intestinal inflammation and improves symptoms such as fatigue and muscle pain. Contact your professional or the HCG Weightloss System™ corporate office to find out more about this easy to do test.

HCG Detox & Cleanse System

4 Week Plan Overview ... The Detoxification plan is designed to help the body more effectively move toxins out of the body.

The infrared sauna used is designed to be a safe and effective method of clearing a great deal of unwanted toxins from the storage sites of the body. This is accomplished better than any other plan available by using infrared saunas and natural remedies to accomplish this goal.

The plan was developed after almost a decade of successfully working with 1000’s of people on detoxification programs with naturopaths in a wellness center and is currently offered under the guidance of trained professionals in locations throughout the United States and Canada.

While it is designed to be an intense, yet highly effectively 4 week program, people can also benefit from continued, ongoing cleansing and detoxification support thereafter.

As fat stores are broken down and utilized as an energy source for the body, toxins that have been stored in the body fat are released into circulation. This kit has been strategically designed and the people who have gotten the best results are the ones who have followed the recommendations exactly as outlined.

While this Phase is not designed to be a weight loss plan, many people report losing some excess weight due to the body being able to “process” better.. . we like to say it’s like “defragging your body”. Just like people defrag the hard drive of a computer . . . when we can clean out the junk and get better organization, a computer, as well as the body, will usually
“run better”!

As far as what to eat and how to think while on this plan, it makes perfectly good sense to permanently reduce the intake of as many toxins that are “a choice”. “Choice toxins” include, but are not limited to: pesticides; chlorine; tobacco smoke; preservatives; electronic radiation; toxic jobs; and hyper reactions to life. Working on reducing all of these not only during this plan, but on a continual basis will serve to greatly benefit life! Organic foods are always the best choice, since they have the least amount of toxins and pesticides. Farm raised animals void of growth hormones also help support a healthier body. There are many good sources on the internet supporting better choices in foods, we encourage you to take charge of your health and have fun learning and exploring what is best for you!

While this plan has proven to be safe and easy to use, this kit is designed for people in good health to use at home at their own discretion along with the guidance of one of our trained professionals. It is not, however, meant to nor designed to treat or cure any disease or illness. Before beginning any change to diet or lifestyle, or any cleansing or exercise program, it is always recommended that you consult with your medical doctor or other health professional beforehand. Never undertake a plan of this nature if you have any known health challenges without medical care and supervision and, if you experience any adverse reactions while using any part of this plan, seek medical attention immediately. Also, due to the nature of the kit contents, products and supplements are non-returnable and all sales are final.

4 Week Detoxification Kit With Portable Infrared Sauna

The Diet Detoxification Kit contains everything needed to complete the 4 week detox plan. People who have used our kit, report feeling younger, more energetic and better than they have in years!

10 Piece Detox Kit Includes:

  • Dry Body Brush
  • Exfoliating Gloves
  • Specially formulated Citrus Body Wash
  • Portable Infrared Sauna
  • Total Body Detox
  • Para-Plex
  • Intesti-Plex
  • EXTREME™ Electrolytes
  • Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals
  • FREE Guideline booklet full of information, recommendations and tips.

Are you ready to feel younger, more energetic
and better than you have in years?

Click Here to order YOUR detox kit today!

The dry body brush, exfoliating gloves and a specially formulated Citrus Body Wash are all designed to increase circulation and better lymphatic drainage. The portable infrared sauna then becomes instrumental in helping the body release toxins stored in the deep fat layer. As these toxins begin to circulate, the Total Body Detox, Para-Plex and Intesti-Plex are synergistically designed to support effective removal of toxins. The liquid ionic trace minerals and liquid electrolytes are needed to support detoxification at a cellular level. This plan reduces the risk of toxins being re-absorbed, known as the ping pong effect.

To continue burning extra calories, continue with dry body brushing and a 20 – 30 minute infrared sauna treatment 3 to 5 times a week.

Portable Infrared Sauna


Detoxifies - Slims & Removes Cellulite - Increases circulation - Reduces Pain

This amazing technology works as well as the large wooden, more expensive Infrared Saunas, WITHOUT the high price tag.

Get the best of both worlds:

  • the best Infrared technology the carbon-fiber heating panels
  • and the affordable price!

Far infrared saunas are like sunbathing, however the wavelengths are like the sun's healthy rays. They have the ability to increase the body's core temperature, which results in a much deeper, more detoxifying sweat.

Also, the portable infrared sauna:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Burns up to 600 calories in 30 minutes
  • Read or watch TV while you detoxify
  • Handheld timer with five levels of heat settings
  • Low operating costs
  • Gives people access to their own personal sauna.

The portable infrared sauna is recommended with the detoxification because:

  • Infrareds help remove deep toxins because it more easily penetrates human tissue
  • FIR panels offer the best treatment available
  • Infrareds have deep wave penetration for better detoxification
  • 95% FIR energy emissions
  • Infrared heats the body from within instead of heating the air thereby raising the body core temperature for a much deeper, more detoxifying sweat.
  • They not only increase toxin removal by sweating but also mobilize toxins and increases elimination by urine and feces
  • Burns up to 600 calories in 30 minutes

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it plays a significant part in the detoxification process. The average person has 2.6 million sweat glands. As the core temperature increases in an infrared sauna, the toxins are carried out of the body by sweat through the pores. Also, as the body is heated the heart rate increases bringing the blood closer to the surface causing the metabolic processes to speed up.

Liquid Detox Drops

A natural, homeopathic total body detoxification remedy that provides homeopathic drainage of excretory pathways and tonification of organ systems.

Supports Better detoxification during the HCG DIET Supports Better Weight Loss by removing Toxins Eliminates need for multiple detox products Supports entire body! Fat stores toxins, Get them OUT!

One of the most important factors to lose weight and promoting good health is effective detoxification of manmade chemicals. People often don’t understand the correlation in chemicals and stored toxins and their inability to lose weight.

Since we live in a world with so many of these environmental chemicals, it is estimated the average American is exposed to over 6500 chemicals on any given day and people are faced with how to effectively eliminate them from their body. The chemicals end up getting stored in the deep fat and contribute to ‘toxic stored fat’ and being overweight.

Because of the tremendous need for Americans to periodically rid their bodies of accumulated toxins and waste materials, many health organizations continue to do research and develop products and programs that offer total body wellness. As the chemicals on our food and in our environment enter the body, proper and effective removal is very important to get fit and trim and keep the weight off.

Liquid Detox Drops are designed to support better detoxification of the entire body with just one formula. They're simple and easy to use. Just add 45 drops to a 16 ounce bottle of water and sip throughout the day. It’s designed to help eliminate the headaches people get on the HCG DIET and help move the toxic fat out of the body better for faster and better weight loss!

Supplement Facts:

Contents: 2 Fluid Oz
Directions: Add 45 drops to 8-16 ounces of water and sip throughout the day.


Active INGREDIENTS: Citrus Limonum 1X, Taraxacum Officinale 2X, Uva-Ursi 2X, Berberis Vulgaris 3X,
Capsicum 3X, Galium Aparine 3X, Lobelia Inflata 3X, Nux Vomica 3X, Schisandra 3X, Tylophora 3X, Brain 8X, Cor Suis 8X, Glandula Suprarenalis Suis 8X, Hepar 8X, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 8X, Intestine 8X, Kidney 8X, Lacticum Acidum 8X, Lung 8X, Lymph 8X, Mag Phos 8X, Spleen 8X, Thyrodinum 8X.

Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol USP 10%, Glycerin 8%, Purified Water.

Contains no starch, salt, preservatives, wheat, yeast or milk derivatives.

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