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An hCG Diet is a weight management program based on the research and success of A.T.W. Simeons, M.D. He had a weight loss clinic in Rome, Italy in the 60s and began using a natural substance, comprised of 237 amino acids called hCG, along with a very specific low fat diet. As an endocrinologist, Dr. Simeons knew that hCG can positively affect the hypothalamus gland, which is the master gland that regulates body fat. Through his due diligence, he discovered that when hCG is given in very small doses along with specific low fat foods, people have the ability to lose extraordinary amounts of excess stored fat in a relatively short period of time. The diet itself is very balanced and includes 2 servings a day of specific proteins; vegetables; fruits; and starches. Caffeinated products, herbal teas, pure water and non-caloric beverages can be consumed freely throughout the day.

Dr. Simeons' work became so sought after by Doctors around the world that in the 60s he published a manuscript called POUNDS AND INCHES. It was designed to give Professionals, as well as lay people, an overview of his work. Its interesting that even though his research results with hCG dieting has been proven time and time again to be successful, the FTC requires that the public be informed that the FDA has not approved hCG for the effective use of weight loss. This determination back in the 70s was based on several studies that did not follow Dr. Simeons' specific protocol exactly as he outlined. With the 40+ successful years that Dr. Trudy Voigt and Dr. Daniel Belluscio have experienced in Switzerland and Argentina, respectively, and Beth Golden's research in the US and Canada with the hCG diet, this ruling may eventually change.

Dr. Simeons

Pounds and Inches - A New Approach to Obesity discusses a new interpretation of the nature of obesity and, while it does not advocate yet another fancy slimming diet, it describes a method of treatment which has grown out of theoretical considerations based on clinical observation of treatment which has grown out of theoretical considerations based on clinical observation. Please Click Here for the PDF Version of the book.  Continued >>

HCG Max Diet

This revolutionary HCG Diet includes only 3 products, HCG MAX®, Liquid Detox Drops and Sta-Lean®, but contain over 70 natural ingredients. These natural hCG homeopathic remedies were also developed by Beth Golden in 2009 in order to offer people buying HCG Drops and other inferior HCG Diet Homeopathic products a complete, more comprehensive program. Her previous research proved that for long term success, MORE than just homeopathic HCG Drops is needed.

These products are convenient, easy to use and are designed to not only help people lose extraordinary amounts of weight and excess fat, but help address physical and emotional issues known to happen during the HCG Diet and the 21 day transition after the HCG Diet.

The HCG MAX® and Liquid Detox are used during the Diet and last up to 6 weeks. During that time, most men lose about 40 to 45 pounds and woman lose an average of 25 - 30 lbs. Sta-Lean® is designed to be used after the diet to support the transition and emotional changes that are so phenomenal on the HCG Max® Diet. Along with these 3 products, you also receive a packet with step by step instructions; sample recipes; grocery lists; and the REVISED Simeons HCG Diet.


People on the HCG MAX® Diet claim they are not hungry and they feel terrific! They also claim their appetite and desire for certain bad foods have significantly changed for the better and they feel they have also changed their emotional relationship with food as well.

The HCG Max® Diet plan is literally years ahead of its time and like no other HCG Diet on the market. For full benefits of the HCG MAX® Diet, do the Pre-Diet Detox Kit for 4 weeks before you start the diet.

HCG Weightloss System

The HCG Weightloss System consists of 4 distinct phases and was created, researched and developed in 2007 by the leader in research, formulation and manufacturing of HCG Diet products, Beth Golden. It contains her original homeopathic hCG and Leptin formula, X3-Lean® Pro. Sta-Lean® was added in 2009 based on the need Beth saw to address the emotional issues people have with weight problems.

It's an amazing system that has been painstakingly crafted and is extremely effective when followed exactly.

After discovering the incredible work and research on obesity from the 50s by Dr. ATW Simeons using hCG and specific low fat foods, she tried the hCG diet exactly as Simeons recommended and much to her surprise lost 26 lbs in 6 1/2 weeks. Even though she had extraordinary results on the diet, as soon as she finished the diet, she began to have extraordinary food cravings and felt this must be due to the fact she had eliminated all nutritional supplements and herbs while on the diet, per Simeons' guidelines.

As a Naturopath who has always taken her clients’ health and well being very seriously, she began intense, dedicated research into Dr. Simeons' work knowing that the hCG diet works, but the after care left much to be desired. She began studying as much of his work as possible looking for the best possible solution to today’s’ ongoing obesity issues. She hired a supportive team to join her at the Medi-spa comprised of medical and administrative staff and was the first clinic in the Tampa Bay Florida area in 2007 to begin offering the hCG diet to her clients and the community. Even though no one had heard of the HCG Diet in the area, Beth’s clients have always trusted her research and ethical standards and began flocking in by the 100’s. As more and more people did the HCG diet, the word got out and the results she began seeing were overwhelming. People who had not been able to lose weight in years began losing as much as 20 to 30 pounds a month and began having life altering results.

Even though most of the clinic's patients rapidly lost weight on Simeons' original hCG diet and the prescription injections and prescription oral hCG, some didn't totally maintain the lost weight. Beth became dedicated to finding better long term results and within weeks of this discovery she was creating and formulating a more comprehensive program. Through trial and error, she confirmed that the key to long term success of the lost weight was three fold: (1) an effective pre-diet detoxification program; (2) a plan to help people with hunger and fatigue while on the diet; and (3) after the diet, a plan to help people address fatigue and cravings and subsequent weight gain. Using her vast knowledge and experience with nutritional supplements, herbs and how body systems respond, formulas were developed and implemented with a high degree of success.

The next challenge was addressing the problems with the prescription hCG and hunger. People didn't like the daily injections of hCG. A new batch had to be mixed every week; it had to be refrigerated; and people couldn't travel with it. So she began working with labs and highly respected outside sources and formulated and developed the FIRST homeopathic hCG blend with other key weight loss ingredients. Beth is always about 3 - 5 years ahead of the curve in her research and concepts and she had already studied how Leptin affects weight and eating disorders. When she formulated her homeopathic hCG, she incorporated Leptin into it along with hCG and registered it as X-3 Lean® Pro.

Subsequent months of clinically testing the entire weight loss system, along with the X-3 Lean® Pro, proved that the HCG Weightloss System® consistently produced a 100% success rate with people who followed the plan. Since then, it has continually helped 1000's of people lose pounds and inches at an astonishing rate and keep it off better than with just the diet alone.

In Sept of 2008, Beth was approached about offering her HCG Weightloss System® into multiple locations across US and Canada as a pilot test project. After she studied with Dr. Daniel Belluscio from Argentina in Oct of that year, his teachings confirmed Beth's clinical findings up to that point and she agreed to launch the pilot project in Nov of 2008. During the following months, the trials in more than 34 locations across the US and Canada further proved the success of her HCG Weightloss System not only with the 1000's of people who lost weight with the system and X-3 Lean® Pro, but proved to be a system that Professional Practitioners could successfully learn and duplicate the same results with their clients.

While Simeons' original plan may have worked with hCG and diet alone in the 50s, today we live in a very toxic, different environment. This 4-Phase HCG WEIGHTLOSS SYSTEM® is so comprehensive that it addresses the modern day challenges involved in losing weight and keeping it off, such as toxins, stress and metabolic syndrome. The System has clinical documentation of its success dating back to 2007 and we are excited to NOW be able to offer it in the easy to use IN-HOME DIET KITS and IN-HOME PRE-Diet DETOX Kits.

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