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hCG Peptide Hormone

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a peptide hormone produced in pregnancy, that is made by the embryo soon after conception and later by the syncytiotrophoblast (part of the placenta).

Its role is to prevent the disintegration of the corpus luteum of the ovary and thereby maintain progesterone production that is critical for a pregnancy in humans. hCG may have additional functions, for instance it is thought that it affects the immune tolerance of the pregnancy. Early pregnancy testing generally is based on the detection or measurement of hCG. Because it is produced also by some kinds of tumors, hCG is an important tumor marker, but it is not known whether this production is a contributing cause or an effect of tumorigenesis.

hCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a protein hormone that is naturally produced in a woman's body during pregnancy at extremely high levels without negative side effects. For years it has been used mainly for fertility and other hormonal issues. Research has now come forward the indicates that hCG is found in every cell of the body and the question has arisen whether it really is a hormone or not, but more appropriately described as a natural substance in every cell of the body.

Research has shown that hCG combined with a healthy low calorie diet and moderate exercise had helped some people lose more abnormal fat; assist in better weight loss; and maintain their weight loss better than just dieting alone. Results have also shown that there may be other positive and healthy benefits to using hCG. There are known facts that it can cause some people to have more energy without feeling nervous, sleep better at night, think more clearly and feel less irritable. Research has shown that side effects are minimal and may include mild headaches, edema and breast tenderness and can be used in both men and women.

HCG Featured Products

Golden Essence Skincare Products

GOLDEN ESSENCE™ Skincare products are the ONLY HCG Diet Approved Skin Care products specifically developed to be used with the HCG Diet! Every product has been clinically tested on both men and women during the HCG Diet and carries the HCG Diet Council Seal of Approval.

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Detoxification KitDiet Detox Program

Cleansing and detoxification can be extremely effective when done correctly. This Pre-Diet Detoxification Kit contains everything needed to complete the 4 week plan. People who have used our kit, report feeling younger, more energetic and better than they have in years!

The kit includes a dry body brush, exfoliating gloves and a specially formulated Citrus Body Wash, all designed to increase circulation and better lymphatic drainage. The portable infrared sauna then becomes instrumental in helping the body release toxins stored in the deep fat layer. As these toxins begin to circulate, the Total Body Detox, Para-Plex and Intesti-Plex are synergistically designed to support effective removal of toxins. The liquid ionic trace minerals and liquid electrolytes are needed to support detoxification at a cellular level. This plan reduces the risk of toxins being re-absorbed, known as the ping pong effect. Also included with the kit, is a booklet full of information, recommendations and tips.

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HCG 9 Piece In-Home Diet Kit

The best HCG Diet on the Market! This 9 Piece In-Home Diet Kit includes X3Lean and products for the Diet; Grocery List; REVISED Simeons HCG Diet; Instructional Booklet, products and information for the 6 week transition after the diet. EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

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#1 Choice for Keeping Weight Off!

As a dietary supplement: For the first bottle, 2 sprays under the tongue 3 times a day (lasts 23 days). For ongoing maintenance: 1 spray under the tongue 3 times a day, or more often if feelings of getting out of balance; sweet cravings; increased belly fat; or needed support for emotional eating or stress. (lasts approximately 7 weeks)

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